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When Lilith, the Devil’s much malcontented wife, concocts a plan to destroy humanity, the Devil, aided by Saint Peter, sets out to find the human who can destroy both Lilith and her plan. To that end, they recruit a forty-something epic failure, dedicated hedonist nymphomaniac and aspiring writer who soon comes to find that even if she doesn’t have to sell her soul, a deal with the Devil never comes cheap.

Throughout the course of the story, we meet the Devil, Saint Peter, the former Polish alchemist, God, God’s wife Sophia, Freya the Norse Goddess of desire and a slew of demons who all have their say on events as they unfold.

For Lilith is on the warpath, and you don’t mess with the Queen of the Succubi…

For the writer who wants the life she makes, love, lust, fame and fortune have many guises and many pitfalls, and even dreams come true can be nightmares in waiting. As she comes to learn on the cusp of her launch as a writer, when the Devil pulls one last and final stunt.

‘The Road of the Ophanim’ takes place four years after the events in Quantum Demonology. The Devil has returned to Earth, only this time, he’s all too human. Unfortunately, Llilith had one last trump card up her sleeve…

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