About The Author

Ladies and gentlemen…hello! I’m so very pleased to meet you! Yes, the image above is yours truly, about which you may deduce a few things. A) I have nothing to hide and B) Yes, I’m old-ish. C) Deal with it.

I began to write in earnest 12 years ago on the encouragement of a man I married, a man who continues to encourage me to this day even though life got in the way and we divorced. In the space of those 12 years, I wrote a historical novel set in Roman Britain and Ireland, numerous articles and musings for a Yahoo group, had erotic poetry published on a highly regarded site and since late 2008, I began to write in earnest as a blogger. Many of those questionable and embryonic beginnings can be found on another of my blogs.

A year later, give or take, That Thing happened, too, and I realized That Writing Thang was more important than even I knew, so—I kept at it. Now, thanks to That Thing, which led to That Other Thing I Do, which led to...this, things…;-) are looking up. I’ve already been unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.  I’m not about to stop!

You may like what I write, you may hate it. I have to say I haven’t had too many of those…

I’ve had a checkered career path – as a graphic designer and layout artist mostly, as a pastry chef, a baker, a warehouse worker, a tech support geek, and more jobs than even I can count. But while I’ve enjoyed quite a few of them, I’m…a writer, more than anything else and sometimes, it even overrides those other roles I fill and the personas I wear.

You may find as you read that this story is…dark, “Gothic” in the widest definition of the term, erotic, musically obsessed. All those things also define my imagination, for which I make no apologies.

But in the event you need one, I can be contacted here.

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