About the book, and the one that preceded it

Once upon a time, a woman walked into a record store, walked out two hours later – and quite a bit poorer – and then spent the next few months scraping her brain off her speakers and iPod earbuds. A lot of back catalogue, one image and a boring Friday night later, she cooked up the beginnings of a Faustian tale that evolved  – in nine months, such irony! – into the novel Quantum Demonology.

Which was right around the time one of her three readers (at the time) asked a plaintive question:

But what happens next?

She hadn’t planned to write a sequel, but a careful re-read of the final chapter made her realize…she had written in a loophole, as writers do.

Meanwhile, as writers also do, she wrote the opening scene from the sequel very much as she had written that first chapter of Quantum Demonology. She had one idea and let the words take her where they would. But these words had a plan, and one night in a dream, the rest of the story came to her, not in any finished form per se, but as a nebulous ‘what if’ where only the places, the crux of the plot and the characters themselves are clearly defined.

But then, she realized something. Writing out a novel as a blog has not a few advantages over just battling with an empty Word page. For one, there is…the potential for readers.

Readers who want to know what happens next. Readers who crack that metaphorical whip on the nights the writer just wants to pack it in and watch ‘Downton Abbey’ or Hammer movies. Readers who aren’t afraid of the dark places the story will take them, readers who know something of the mindset called ‘Gothic’, intrepid readers who will hold the writer’s hand as she gazes into the abyss and the abyss winks back.

So here you have it. Comments are very welcome and even encouraged. They will be answered. You have been warned.

Caveat lector!

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